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Here you can find all the posts about what we can eat (food and supplements) that may be able to help improve our health.

  • Candida Schmandida? November 2, 2014
    There’s regularly much mention in complementary/well being/alternative circles about troubles with candida albicans, its overgrowth and the many and varied symptoms it can create in humans. This post will be looking at just one strand of how to get a body working better by introducing how to see if it’s a problem for you. My next ...
  • Personalised help for MS and other long term conditions? September 1, 2014
    So, in the post “eat your greens” I mention the process I’ve just begun which involved sending some spit over the Atlantic to have my DNA sequenced by these folk. I had some reservations about finding out something in my genetic code that might be lurking in the future but, knowledge is power. I might ...
  • Homemade Fermented Veg July 19, 2014
    Does having Ukrainian great grandparents mean I have homemade fermented veg in my blood? I don’t know but it is a really easy process, becoming a little bit organised has been one of its happy side effects. A search on homemade fermented vegetables will deliver many youtube clips on how to make sauerkraut, kimchi or get pickling to your ...

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