Where are the friends?

I was asked last week ‘where can I find stuff on your site?’

Only being a graphic designer/photographer and not being a web developer or coder (how lame does that make me sound?) for the moment, I had to point the subscriber to the magnifying glass/search box until I get posts categorised in a more useable way.

Eat, Movement and Sleep pages with links to all posts that make mention of them will be arriving first, I think. Perhaps over the holidays?

I’m in the hands of friends and family who are more IT literate than I (or should that be ‘me’?)

Being half American with Stateside cousins I’m dimly aware of Thanksgiving and consciously taking the time to think about what I have to be thankful for. My friends are pretty near the top of the list. Being able to ask for help at certain times helps everyone involved feel good in that exchange of skills.

Until we’ve eaten enough mince pies and gluten-free sweet potato brownies (recipe to follow when it’s finessed) the search box works pretty well to put any term in and see if it’s been talked about in previous posts.

Information is all well and good but when searching for something in particular becomes a task of arctic expedition proportions it can turn the joy of finding stuff out into a chore.

I’d really rather not turn a visit to this site into an extended geography homework session!

I’m just going to squeak this link in; it’s unrelated to the power of searching data but exercise really does make all the difference to me and makes my experience of life, richer.