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  • challenge, perhaps? December 9, 2014
    in this post I’d like to add a supplement that I’d left off my previous two yeast posts. You could argue it was one of the most important additions during an effective dismantling of an overgrowth of candida. Permavite powder; I didn’t use it for the first two months of my candida clearout which I mention here and ...
  • Any port in a storm? November 24, 2014
    I chose this image of mine to illustrate the need of any port in a storm but it’s a disordered environment, really. The glowering images of a storm on a Norwegian sea I’d thought of to illustrate this post are on a packed away external drive at the moment. I feel now, this image works ...
  • Improving Prognosis? October 5, 2014
    The image of ivy is from my back garden and illustrates one of the few things that truly thrive there. NIHCE have issued guidelines to address which treatments might be worth the NHS providing for MS patients. Aside from the disease activity going on in our brains we have similar symptoms to many other chronic conditions. Some of ...
  • Simple strategies for living well September 27, 2014
    Take a piece of string, measure your height with it and fold it in half, does it fit around your waist? Waist to height measurement is a pretty good indicator of whether you really need that extra helping of… cake/pie/favourite foodstuff! A balanced diet is made up (thanks to Paul Chek for this simplification) of food with eyes (protein ...

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