Search High and Low

I watched an interesting show this morning on allfour (after forgetting to record it last night). I was expecting (perhaps wildly) a sharp focus on a new treatment or at least a Search High and Low ethos that perhaps didn’t involve further damage to an already damaged body. The Search for a Miracle Cure I’d read … Continue reading “Search High and Low”

Project MS

            It’s not really Project MS, it’s ‘project me’. Project managing the most important project of our lives can get pretty stressful if we allow it to. When you think about it, we all project manage our own health (to a greater or lesser extent) every day of our lives. If … Continue reading “Project MS”

Self improvement

  There are some things I’ve been doing for a long time gluten and dairy free, sprouting seeds, my own modified version of Pilates occasionally visiting an osteopath and a Feldenkrais practitioner, acupuncturist and craniosacral and shiatsu therapist candida I’ve covered fairly thoroughly but I need to get more organised in sharing some of these … Continue reading “Self improvement”

mainstream and less so

I took this image when I was getting a form of angioplasty to counter some of the effects of MS in 2012. It hasn’t stopped the disease but my heat intolerance and brain fog is still vastly reduced two years later. I don’t believe the auto-immune theory answers all the questions that MS poses. The … Continue reading “mainstream and less so”

about me and my focus

Here’s me in my youtube debut. A beautifully edited piece of work from a filmmaker friend, Toby (more of his work can be found here). He managed to cut an hour’s worth of chat into a meaningful collection of… me! I wish he could edit my words every day. With my first bout of optic … Continue reading “about me and my focus”